innerVision website

Long time no update!

I know it must seem like the website has been left to wither and die, nothing could be more wrong. While updates to the contents and especially the news page have been scarce or non-existent, I have made many changes to the looks and underlying "tech-stuff"…



Added a sitemap! I've also done quite a lot of tweaking and bug-fixing to the site lately (It seems the need for such will never end...).

Almost done

Since last time I've made quite a few small changes and fixes. But the most important should be the addition of all my finished work (I know it's not much but it's coming). I'll add a few more detail-images and then open up the W.I.P (Work In Progress) Gallery sections.

Final testing!

Well now final testing has started.
So please let me know if anything is/seems broken. The galleries are not complete but more material will be added next week.