Which web browser works best with the innerVision website?

Mac OS X:
For Mac users I really recommend Safari since it takes into consideration the icc-profiles embedded in all pictures.
1. Safari 1.3 or newer (2.0+ recommended)
2. Firefox * 1.0 or newer
3. Mozilla * 1.0 or newer
4. OmniWeb 5 or newer (the flash-galleries don't work. Omniweb 5.5 is supposed to fix this)

Firefox works the best and also you really owe it to your self to try it out.
1. Firefox 1.0 or newer (recommended)
2. Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer (has some minor issues in the pop-out menus)

Sorry, innerVision isn't tested at all on Linux but i'd be very surprised if Firefox ("i686" only) doesn't work. I would also guess that Konqueror works (since is shares quite a lot with Safari). If you have the chance to test innerVision with Linux browsers I'd really to love know what you find out.

* All Mozilla-based browsers like Firefox, Mozilla and Camino sometimes display a small layout glitch in the footer. In the meantime, while I try to fix this, horizontally resizing the browser-window resolves it.