Two new pictures finished

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While not getting around to post about it here until now, I recently added two finished prints to Gallery 1.

The first one is a picture that I actually finished last year but never got around to actually print until I needed it for my latest exhibition. It stepped up right from W.I.P gallery 2.

The other one is a picture that finally got promoted from W.I.P gallery 1.

If you've missed them – just go ahead and take a look…


Some innerVision art IRL

If you're in the neighborhood of Bengtsfors, Sweden in March, I and my father have an exhibition at the Bengtsfors Art gallery. The opening will be on Sunday the 4th of March between 14.00-17.00. The exhibition will end on Friday the 30 of March.

Here you'll have the chance to be the first to see some of our latest work. You'll recognize at least one item from my W.I.P page but also something from the "secret" stuff.

Need directions? Just drop me an email.



Long time no update!

I know it must seem like the website has been left to wither and die, nothing could be more wrong. While updates to the contents and especially the news page have been scarce or non-existent, I have made many changes to the looks and underlying "tech-stuff"…


Work In Progress

A bit late, according to "the plan", I uploaded some pictures in the W.I.P sections yesterday. Please let me know what you think.

The lateness can be attributed to a lot of "playing around" with different solutions for the galleries. For now I'll stick with the ease of use of my current setup, even if it doesn't display the pictures a 100% correctly (hoping for a fix in a pending software update).



Added a sitemap! I've also done quite a lot of tweaking and bug-fixing to the site lately (It seems the need for such will never end...).