Long time no update!

I know it must seem like the innerVision.se website has been left to wither and die, nothing could be more wrong. While updates to the contents and especially the news page have been scarce or non-existent, I have made many changes to the looks and underlying "tech-stuff".

First I changed the Flash-based gallery imageviewer to a javascript-based LightBox (LightBox 2). Then, when I added some "Web 2.0" stuff like you can see in this page. Since an update to that broke the original LightBox I then had to switch to SlimBox, which looks the same but works slightly better and is more efficient.

Oh, and If you haven't noticed I, somewhere along the way, changed the design of the site. I did this mainly because I found out that the pop-out menus I used didn't work for Internet Explorer (6?) users when browsing www.innervision.se instead of innerVision.se. So for some while now I have used a more "foolproof" but not as fast, and good looking, vertical menu layout. Since I'm not a 100% satisfied with this, don't be surprised if I change to something else later this year.

Also – Look out for some new content within a week or two...

My next task? Hopefully getting better at "progress documentation".